Climate Clever Campaign Launch

We have officially launched the Climate Clever Campaign. This campaign is the one stop place to read about all of the latest developments on climate change. We aim to provide strategies that can be implemented at a household level to help reduce your families energy use. Every individual has the responsibility to keep the Earth sustainable for the future.

1 out of 4 people are still skeptical about global warming. Scientists have been analysing and predicting future effects of global warming from more than 200 years ago. This leaves us wondering how in today’s society can people still be skeptical of this environmental effect. Almost 200 years ago a self-proclaimed heat expert, Fourier introduced the idea of the world becoming warmer and warmer in 1824. Following Fourier, a scientist named Tyndall, wrote a study that analysed the different effect on the world, as the ratio of gases change within the atmosphere. In 1859 Arrhenius brought this concept to life, by introducing a calculation that will analyse the global temperatures as carbon dioxide increases in our atmosphere.

The fact that these scientists predicted global warming even before the industrial revolution is marvellous, considering that the greenhouse gas effect increased steadily mostly after the industrial revolution. This steady increase has spiked after the year 1950 and is at an all time high in 2016. This is due to the increase in burning of fossil fuel, which adds to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When carbon dioxide builds up in the atmosphere, it traps heat and results in global warming and the change in climate.

The facts and statistics back up the concept of climate change and the results are taking place within the world. Why are 1 in 4 people in disbelief? Who is in charge of getting the message out to the public? Why isn’t the message being spread? These are few questions that Climate Clever aims to explore in this blog. The media has a very important role in ensuring the increase of communication within the public. They are the intermediary between the scientists and the public, the experts and the people.


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