The Real Problem

Climate Change refers to the increase of global temperatures caused by extensive amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, which as a result acts as a blanket that traps heat causing changes in climate, severe weather changes and natural disasters.

Australia is part of 40% of the worlds global warming, along with 12 other countries, the initial 30% is from US and China. Australia is responsible for 1.5% of the world greenhouse gases. Around 27 Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide is release per person in Australia, which is the largest per person result in the world.

The problem of climate change is not yet solved because of the continued denial of the issue. There is continual backlash from government officials and opinion leaders who claim that climate change is a myth and the scientists corrupted the data that was presented. The media does not report on climate change because they align their stories with the political ideologies of the Australian government. The fact that the media neglects to report on global warming, means that the Australian public’s understanding and awareness of the issue is suppressed.

Scientists and environmentalists have introduced ways to lower carbon emissions, however the message has not been spread across media channels to encourage the public to implement these steps. The facts have been put forward however the message has not been mass spread to incorporate households to implement these strategies to reduce climate change.Climate Clever aims to spread this information and encourage our audience to implement these strategies and make a change for the future benefit.



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