Unfair to the Polar Bear

The polar bears are the most significant animal that represents the affects of climate change. Sea ice makes up the natural habitat of the polar bears. There are less than 25000 polar bears left in the wild according to Polar Bears International. Their resources are depleting, and it makes it even harder to find food and keep their habitat from melting. Polar bears are the most vulnerable animal, their everyday life and habitat is deteriorating due to the continual warming of the Arctic.

The comparison between animal rights and animal cruelty is very stark. Humans cause climate change, as a result the polar bears are the victims who are being affected by the humans actions. There are a lot of people who claims to love animals and believe in keeping animals safe and ensuring animal cruelty is banished. What I find interesting is the reaction from people towards animals in different situations.

Cecil the lion and Harambe the gorilla were animals that inspired huge outrage due to their mistreatment by a human. They were seen as animals who were killed maliciously and unfairly. Social media users attacked the hunters that shot Cecil the lion on the internet and some people were so affected they threatened the hunter. This shows the humans emotional connection to the treatment of animals and ethics behind their actions. Cecil and Harambe were 2 animals that inspired outrage, however the whole species of polar bears are losing their homes and losing their natural resources causing their extinction. Both cases are human caused and both cases will result in the death of animals, so why did 2 single cases inspire more public response than the case of polar bear extinction.


Polar bears are being affected due to climate change, which is caused by humans. They can still be saved and humans can still take action towards restoring their natural habitat and protecting their species. If there was the same level of response towards climate change we could change the future for the polar bears.


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