How can Climate Change be represented

Media and other communicative channels are reluctant to talk about climate change because it is seen as an issue that is not timely and for that reason is often backgrounded. There is a lot of scientific information that is present, however the message is not framed towards the general public, more likely it is framed in a scientific manner. Scientists and other environmental experts come to their conclusion of- yes climate change is real issue. This article is great at framing this in a way that communicates the topic of climate change and how scientists have worked over many years to measure the ever-changing results of global temperature change. The Earth has already warmed by 0.75C since 1900s. This figure is set to more than triple to 2.5-5C within the next 50-100 years.

The interesting fact is that although global data is increasing rapidly it also make connections. The prediction of global warming statistics comes from understanding the changes in climate, by monitoring the atmosphere, the oceans, the cryosphere, land surface and the biosphere. These measurements and data collections may be useful however they are unsuitable to be presented to the public. These data sets must be cooked and visualized in methods and forms that can be easily understood by the audience.

Media can present the information in a more suitable and understandable way. Messages need to be framed for the audience to respond in the appropriate way. I think that the message needs to be simple to understand however media need to define the problem, show how scientists have measured the problem and also suggest possible solutions. There needs to be active engagement for the audience. The audience could go onto a webpage and adjust their use of carbon dioxide through everyday items such as deodorant, light bulbs, solar energy and fossil fuels. Then as they move adjust the numbers there could be a visual showing the Earth become warmer or cooler. This will help the audience understand ways in which they can help to stop the rising levels of climate change.


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