August and September were hottest months on record

Proxies are a symbol that is regular, or a regular aspect that is a signifier of change. The Tibetan’s natural environment conveys different proxies that can be identified to signify climate change. The Tibetan’s proxies include mountains, birds, animals and landforms. I find it interesting that a whole community of people base their tradition, their time and their environment system on the Milkbird. The Milkbird signifies what was the permanent role in the environment and it is a way to monitor the change of their environment. “The Milkbird is a proxy for the increasingly erratic appearance of their whole world.” The Milkbird is such an important symbol of the Tibetan lifestyle, the change in its habits leads to the “end of certainty” of the Tibetan community.

Australian society has similar occurrences that signify regular and changing aspects, the weather. The weather signifies the different seasons and different climate. For years there was a pattern of increase rain fall during Spring, the warmer months start in November and the cold sets in undoubtedly by April. Recently the Winter season has been relatively warmer than before and Australia has experienced record levels of rainfall within the Winter months. Infrastructure is a proxy that has shown the drastic change in climate.

The excessive rainfall during the first week of August has been so severe, enough to break two lifts in an 8 floor office building. In residential houses, the walls and ceiling start to cave in due to the weakness of the infrastructure, causing leaks and mold. Australia has been building houses using wooden frames for over 10 years, the excessive rain means that the wood soaks up the water and swells up, this causes cracks in the wood and as a result, the houses deteriorate quicker.


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