Manipulation Tatics

Climate Change is an issue in society that is affecting the future of the earth. There is no bigger problem than the viability of the earth. If there is no Earth, humanity ceases to exist, there is depletion of natural resources and quality of life. However, there are two sides to every issue, and this is the statement that is very well heard from climate change denialists.

Climate change denialists are devious and scheming because they will twist word choices or phrases to go against your argument. It is important to note the tactics that denialists do to distort the opinions of climate change activists. The denialsts will suggest there is a manipulation of data, they will critic the scientist and they will suppress evidence. We can see this kind of behavior in the Q and A episode where Malcolm Roberts a Queensland senator claimed that NASA’s data is corrupted and criticised Brian Cox who is a leading physician and climate change supporter. Malcolm Roberts did these exact 3 tactics. According to the climate gate, denialists will take words out of context and string them together and claim that the supporters are conspiring to mislead the audience. This is seen in the example by “Climategate” when Sarah Palin claimed that “the emails reveal that leading climate “experts” manipulated data to “hide the decline” in global temperatures”. This phrase was strung together after emails between scientists were leaked, the emails there was reference to “hide the decline” and “Mike Nature’s trick”. The denialists take the words out of context and connect them within their statement to convince the public of scientists manipulation.

This kind of corruption about the issue is not helping the scientists and environmentalists to communicate the statistics and show that climate change exists. ABC Newspoll reported that 85% of people believe that global warming was occurring however 64% of those 85% said that there is a lot of disagreement among scientists and that the science is not settled. This kind of public opinion shows that deniers and supporters because of the extremity of differing views are misleading people. The public does not know whom to believe. Those denialists are suppressing the issue of climate change and as a result there is a severe lack of action being taken to reduce climate change.


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