Power of Social Media

Climate change refers to the changing global temperature as a result of a significant amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. When the issue of climate change was brought up, I thought to myself, yes it is a serious issue however I am just a student who has no control over the use of fossil fuels or the mining practices in Australia, therefore, I have no power to change anything. It’s all in the hands of the government and the mining sector in Australia.

Unfortunately, that is true, alone I cannot do anything however if a community of people come together to rally or campaign about the issue, it may force the government to pay more attention to the issue, and introduce strategies for these large corporations to follow to reduce their use of fossil fuels.

The idea of setting up a social media campaign is significant because social media is user driven tool that allows anyone to create a campaign and has the possibility to reach millions of people for free. The traditional media needs to meet specific requirements and regulations set out by editors, therefore journalists are limited in regards to what they can write and their topics. Social media has the freedom to control your own content. The shareability and high level of user engagement allows the audience to take part in efforts to reduce their carbon footprint as well as encourage their friend base to change their actions as well. The message keeps on spreading and circulating through different publics. Traditional media is finite and is a one-way communication line, social media campaigns allow the audience to participate and have a discussion with denialists and supporters. This is important in spreading the awareness and encourages action to be taken.


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