Why we should trust Scientists

Science is a field that is engrained with calculations, measurements, monitoring, hypothesis and mathematics. It is based on real evidence and often defines problems, issues or changes in the world. Different scientists based on their own calculations and beliefs can challenge hypothesis and conclusions. This makes it difficult for the public to believe the exact science behind these conclusions.

Scientists follow the scientific method, which is a standard method of carrying out evidence, data and analysis. A hypothesis is a law of nature according to Naomi Oreskes in her Ted Talk “Why we should trust scientists”, it will always be true no matter what kind of variables it includes.

Scientists want to explain things that are happening in the world, so to develop theories and predictions, scientists need to create models or simulations to prove them. Models and simulations are developed by creating a model and changing only 1 variable each time to see the effect that occurs. In 1800’s John Tyndall studied radiative properties of gases within the atmosphere. John Tyndall developed a model and changed the ratios of carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor to see how the earth responds with heat radiation. If there is more carbon dioxide it forms a layer around earth that traps heat and results in the earth getting warmer. John Tyndall discovered the basis of the green house effect.

NASA created a graph where they documented the earth temperature over 150 years and the last 50 years showed a steep rise in the temperatures. Over the last 50 years the Earth has warmed by 1 degree according to Naomi Oreskes Ted Talk. NASA also studied the different gases within the atmosphere, the green house gas mimicked the steep rise that was seen in the rising temperatures. This proved to climate scientists that the earth has warmed and it is due to the green house gases in the atmosphere.

Simulations and models are important to scientists because that is how they can prove their judgments and hypothesis. Scientists make these theories based on real and proven statistics and data, and that is why we should trust scientists.

Go to Naomi Oreske’s Ted Talk:


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