How planting trees can reduce your carbon footprint ?

This week on Climate Clever we are talking about gardening.

Trees and plants are a natural carbon eater, when a tree “breathes” they breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen, which means they are naturally cleaning the atmosphere. The developing building industry limits the amount of trees and plants in urban city areas. Industrialism means that carbon emissions are being release into the atmosphere, however the building industry limits the trees and plants that can help to clean the emissions. The industrial and mining industry is causing the problem, but the building industry is getting rid of the solution.

We need Australians to help reduce our carbon footprint by planting a tree. This is a great activity to do with your family and the kids on a weekend. Not only does it add a beautiful look to your house but also helps the environment. Trees can consume around 21 Kilograms of CO2 a year. It also releases enough oxygen to supply one person needs for two years. These two effects help give the world a healthier climate.

How to plant a tree:

  1. Find a tree species that you want to have in your backyard
  2. Find a local plant Nursery that stocks the tree type or go in directly to the nursery and talk to the staff to find a tree that you like
  3. Once you have purchased the small tree, go into your backyard and find a place that can fit your tree once fully grown
  4. Measure the diameter and the height of the plant base and dig a bigger hole in the ground
  5. Turn the tree upside down to get it out of the container
  6. Place the tree inside the hole
  7. Return the gravel and sand into the hole and make sure to water the area around to promote growth
  8. Follow instructions that have been provided by the Nursery staff
  9. Enjoy and breathe in the clean air

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