Climate Change is one of the most severe environmental and social issues that will affect humanity. If the rate of global warming keeps increasing at this steep rate the world will cease to exist in the next 100 years.

Although this generation won’t be around in the 2100. Can we really justify this consumerism as a result we end all humanity? Climate change is a real problem. Rising temperatures and the changing ecosystems impact the habitat of living animals, the floods and droughts negatively affect and deplete food production which limits our natural resources.

Australia is responsible for 1.5% of the world greenhouse gases. Around 27 Tones of Carbon Dioxide is release per person in Australia, which is the largest per person result in the world. We are part of 40% of the worlds global warming, along with 12 other countries. Australia’s mean temperature has warmed by 0.9 degrees Celsius in the last 100 years.